Claude is for achievers striving to establish their own businesses or their own ways of doing business–it’s a member’s club that supports deep networking and transformative commerce.

As a member of Claude, you’ll be a part of a community where mutual success and shared opportunities are the norm. Learn from and be challenged by peers. Experience motivating and impactful workshops that inspire your development. Enjoy events and experiences that holistically support you.


Founder Stephanie Princivil developed the Claude concept while starting her own PR firm, The Hue, working with leading-edge entrepreneurs–many of them from underserved communities and she saw how their talents and drive could go further and lead to even greater success. As a Black woman and entrepreneur herself, she knew first hand the challenges of building something remarkable and impactful.

She realized that for so many the support, contacts, and the literal space to create in are really not there yet. She saw that commerce and values are not opposed, rather it’s the opposite–by truly living these values businesses can thrive and generate profit while bringing something needed to the world.

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